Alumni 50th Reunion

Class Year: 1960

Reunion Date: August 2010



Pictures at the various Reunion events.

Carol Zetterberg, Rick, Jim, Stan, Leah, Bob, Marguerite, Norman, Judy H, Janice & Tom W, Judy Nunn

Preparation for Class Photo



Class of 1960 Float.

"Judy Nunn" (far right) try's to open candy bag to throw candy before parade ends.

Carol Gillis Zetterberg, Judy Nunn, Polly Kallhoff, Jean Rickard, Carol Strand Pattee, Norman Kallhoff, Jim McKillop, Marguerite Beesley Fennimore, Leah Forster Tinkleman, Judy Marcoe Hutto

Another View of Float: Judy Marcoe Hutto, Jim McKillop, Rick Rickard, Marguerite Beesley Fennimore, Norman Kallhoff, Jean rickard, Carol Strand Pattee, Carol Gillis Zetterberg, Polly Kallhoff, Judy Nunn, Stan Steffen

Ann Loe Wieck, Janet Larsen Slawson, Rosa Lee Darnell Kuenzi, Rich Kuenzi, Ron & Kit Carson Fowler, Marianne Nusbaum Harris



Three Judy's, Brenneman, Nunn & Hutto


Ron & Kit Carson Fowler, Donna Homann Strom, Marianne Nusbaum Harris

Left Picture: Karen Kolstad Bork, Karen & Roger Seifer. Right Picture: Donna Homann Strom, Sharon Imper Ralston, Leah Forster Tinkleman








Left Picture: Ruth & Stan Steffen, Tom Wareham. Right Picture: Tom & Janice Nicholson Wareham

Left Picture: Mason Branstetter ('63), Donna Homann Strom. Right Picture: John Dahl, Jim McKillop

Left Picture: Ken & Karen Kolstad Bork. Right Picture: Polly & Norman Kallhoff

Left Picture: Karen Monson, Roger Seifer. Right Picture: Jim McKillop, Ken Bork

Left Picture: Lee, Linda, Callie, Larry Totland. Right Picture: Judy H., Linda F., Ann W., Karen S, Marilee S, Judy B

Left Pictue: John Heater, Chuck DeGuire.  Right Picture: John Dahl & Jennifer Heater

Left Picture: Marlene & Clarke Hanson.  Right Picture: Jim & Diane McKillop. 

Left Picture: Jennifer Heater, Carol & Larry Zetterberg ('58). Right Picture: Wes & Judy Hutto, Carol Strand Pattee

Left Picture: Bob & Kay Klaus. Right Picture: Susann Miles McCammon, Larry Nunn

Left Picture: Marguerite Beesley Fennimore, Karen Slater Van Cleave, Myrna Sheridan Ridings, Cathy Copeland Manion, Nancy Dewey.  Right Picture: Judy Ernst Nunn, Larry McCammon

Left Picture: Judy Brenneman, Polly & Norman Kallhoff, Kay & Bob Klaus. Right Picture: Karen & Roger Seifer, Jim & Diane McKillop, Karen & Ken Bork

Left Picture: Rick,Sharon,Janet, Ann, Carol Zetterberg, Leah. Right Picture: Sing-along: "All I have to do is Dream", led by Rick, Sharon, Kit, John, Janet Ann, Carol Z., Leah


Left Picture: Kit Carson Fowler presents Judy Nunn flowers for all her work. Right Picture: Carol Zetterberg presenting Judy Nunn with a gift certificate for the Oregon Garden.

Left Picture: Judy Nunn thanking everyone (& not remembering what she said). Right Picture: Plaque presented to Judy from the Class of 1960.