Honorary Diploma Program

Honorary Diploma Program

The Alumni Association is seeking nominations for our Honorary Diploma.  The Silverton High School Honorary Diploma Program is a shared effort between SHS and the SHS Alumni Association to acknowledge community members who have made significant contributions to the SHS activities and students.  Recognition is made by presenting an actual SHS Diploma to the person during the graduation ceremony for the current Senior Class.  The awardee’s biography is read at the ceremony and a copy is inserted into the Graduation Program.  Diplomas are also presented posthumously to recognize significant historical contributors to SHS and their extraordinary Go Foxes Spirit.  If you would like to nominate someone, please submit their name along with their Biography by December 1st for consideration. Biographies for past recipients are included in our newsletter for the year they were honored.

Past Recipients of our Honorary Diploma are:

2001    Milton R Baum, PhD; Murl W Anderson, PhD

2002    Phillip G Clites; Verl E Cochran

2003    Orville N Roth; Quintin B Estell

2004    Lowell Swanson; Olwyn K Davies, MD

2005    Fred and Nola Parkinson

2006    Charles A White: Elmer Valkenaar

2007    Jerry Coon; Robert Dedrick

2008    Norma Jean Branstetter

2009    Susan Fisher; Gordon C McNeilly, MD

2010    Craig Russell Roessler; Gerald Russell Ott

2011    Joseph Sandaal;  Laura Penley Wanker

2012    James T Brueckner; Richard Cooper

2013    Michael Kim; Peter Andrew Loar

2014    Bette Kuenzi; Frances McCarty

2015    Norma Jean Standlea; Marcia Brooks Branstetter

2016     Don Kelly; Errol and Lucy Eaden Ross

2017      Dan and Paula Magee


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